Energy Plaza

Dallas, Texas
Conley Group was retained by Vistra Energy (Previously Energy Future Holdings) to provide property condition survey, budget forecasting, and technical support for Energy Plaza located in Dallas, Texas.

The 49-story downtown Dallas office building is constructed of a steel frame system with a window wall of aluminum framed horizontal strip windows and granite panels.

Conley Group was selected to conduct an update of a previously conducted PropertyCondition Survey (PCS) at Energy Future Holdings Energy Plaza. This included a walk through survey consisting of non-intrusive, non-exhaustive visual observations survey of readily accessible and visible components and systems of the property. The walk-through was augmented via review of readily available relevant documents and personnel interviews made available by the client to assist in understanding of the property. Conley Group visually reviewed general physical condition of the property, including material systems and components to identify material physical deficiencies. Building systems components observed under the scope of this PCS included: Interiors, Flatwork, Landscaping, Utilities, Structural Frame, BuildingEnclosure, HVAC, and Electrical.

Conley Group provided an Opinion of Probable Cost for the suggested remedy of material physical deficiencies observed and prepared a written report documenting survey observations, representative photographs, conclusions and probable cost opinions.

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Energy Plaza
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